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    I am interested in becoming a member of FoW.

    Friends of Waiuta Inc.
    PO Box 493
    Greymouth 7840
    New Zealand 

    Charities # CC33634

    2020 Committee

    Margaret E. Sadler – Chairperson

    Phone: +64 27 237 0794 | Email:

    Alan Stephens – Vice-Chair
    Paul McGirr – Treasurer
    Pauline Barnett – Secretary
    Graeme Farrant – Newsletter Editor, History

    Subscriptions 1 January 2021 to December 31 2021

    For those doing internet banking our bank account number is: 02 0880 0037433 00
    Remember under the heading of Particulars write “Subscription” – and under Reference to write your name.
    Otherwise simply post it to the post box listed above.

    Our subscription remains at $15 per person.
    And remember too that being a member allows you to stay at the Lodge at a discounted price.